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är Face Mask Is a Revolution in Protective Equipment / news / Fashion / är Face Mask Is a Revolution in Protective Equipment

'är Face Masks incorporate the most advanced technologies available to provide everyday protection while still being stylish and comfortable'' - Forbes 

The year 2020 brought many changes into our daily lives. Besides your keys, phone and wallet, a face mask is now a necessity to take with you when leaving your home. And since the protective equipment became such an essential part of suppressing the transmission of the virus, we went to great lengths to create the most sensible and efficient face mask that will protect you during your everyday activities as comfortably as it can.

är Face Mask Is a Revolution in Protective Equipment

är Face Mask is first-class protective equipment that comes in handy not only during the pandemic. Our self-cleaning mask is perfect for those who are looking for top-notch protection, which is stylish and comfortable at the same time. If you live in a busy urban area, this mask is just the right one to wear. Want to find out more? Read on to learn about är Face Mask.


är Face Mask Is a Revolution in Protective Equipment

We respect the values of fashion, quality and comfort. är Face Mask beats the stereotypes of down-to-earth designs and brings some style to professional protective equipment. By using the most advanced materials, we created top-notch protection that is a stylish accessory as well. Also, our products are fully designed and manufactured in the European Union.

Sleek-looking textile with a minimalistic print of är's logo creates a handy mask that suits any occasion. We do not limit our masks to gender or size. Therefore, each design is unisex and available in both adult and children's sizes. As we care about every detail, we also added adjustable loops on each side of your ear and a nose clip for perfect sealing. But those are not the only innovations that we bring...


    • self-cleaning feature thanks to antiviral treatment ViralOff®
    • Reusability and minimal washing effort
    • hydrophobic protection by PFOA-free and fluorine-free textile treatment
    • är Nano Filters - replaceable nanotechnology filtration system

ViralOff®️ - self cleaning function

Thanks to Swedish technology, ViralOff®️, is är Face Mask enriched with a self-cleaning feature.

är Face Mask Is a Revolution in Protective Equipment

(credits: Polygiene)

ViralOff®️ is manufactured in the European Union and with minimal use of resources. The ingredient chemistry of antiviral treatment follows strict environmental regulations, and its reduction efficiency against viruses was performed on Influenza A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS) as per international standard ISO18184:2019.


The treatment holds environmental certification Oeko-tex® Eco Passports. ViralOff®️ is always-on, which significantly saves you the effort with washing. är Face Mask is more sustainable to the environment, as there is no additional water needed. For the best performance, we recommend washing the mask less and only when it's necessary.

Hydrophobic protection

The outer surface of är Face Mask is covered in hydrophobic treatment, preventing outside aerosols from absorbing. As a result, small droplets of water flow off the face mask's material so that you can wear it even in light rain. This water-repellent feature also protects the wearer against aerosols released during sneezing, coughing or talking. Eco Acqua Zero textile treatment is fluorine-free and PFOA-free and has a low impact on the face mask’s breathability.

Nanotechnology filtration system

är Face Mask Is a Revolution in Protective Equipment

Reusable nano filters by är were scientifically tested by Nelson Labs, a worldwide recognised microbiology testing laboratory.

The pores of nano filters are small enough to block contaminants but still highly porous to remain comfortably breathable. A single nanofiber is so small that it is invisible to the naked eye. Only one gram is enough to wind around Earth's equator. The average thickness of nanofibres ranges between 100nm to 500nm. For comparison, that is 1000times thinner than human hair.


Face masks are only a peak of our collection of protective equipment. We also offer matching gloves, nano filters and FFP2 respirators to increase your security.

är Face Mask Is a Revolution in Protective Equipment

är Gloves uses the same self-cleaning and water-repellent technologies as är Face Mask, and on top of that, they are touch-screen friendly.

We have also recently launched our newest product - The first designer FFP2 respirator. Click here to find out more about är Respirator.