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'är Respirator is the first FFP2 mask of its kind enriched with a fashionable design. The premium textile fabric gives är respirator mask an exclusive and stylish look, while the most advanced technologies provide high-quality protection.'' - är

about är ffp2 respirator

When it comes to protection, medical masks and respirators with at least FFP2 or N95 filtration efficiency are recommended as the safest options. Single-use masks and cloth masks are essential protection for the general public to wear during times of pandemic. However, after more than a year, we feel the need for extra protection. Want to learn more about är Respirator? Read on down below.


New Generation of Protective Equipment: Self-Cleaning FFP2 Respirator With Fashionable DesignNew Generation of Protective Equipment: Self-Cleaning FFP2 Respirator With Fashionable DesignNew Generation of Protective Equipment: Self-Cleaning FFP2 Respirator With Fashionable Design

Our company goes to great lengths to create the most up to date products with added values. Our first product with which we entered the market was the antiviral face mask. It immediately succeeds, and within one year has grown its popularity among more than one hundred customers. Now with more options that we have, we want to create first-class products with attention to the highest quality and the values of comfort and fashion.

Therefore our antiviral FFP2 respirator brings many innovative features to the market, including self-cleaning or water-repellent surface. By creating our cutting-edge products, we introduce a new generation of protective equipment that comes in handy not only during times of pandemic.


  • Upscale design
      • Self-cleaning technology
      • Nanomembrane filtration technology
  • Water-repellent surface

  • Unlike the common respirators, är Respirator is the first protective equipment of its kind, enriched with fashionable design and cutting-edge features. This first designer FFP2 mask is unique thanks to its look and antiviral characteristics.

    1. FFP2 certification

    är Respirator meets the European norm EN 149:2001 + A1:2009  and holds FFP2 certification. Its filtration efficiency was tested by the worldwide recognised institution, Nelson Laboratories USA.

    1. ViralOff®️: Self-cleaning technology

    är Respirator's surface is made of premium textile protected by antiviral treatment ViralOff®️. This innovative self-cleaning technology comes from the Swedish company Polygiene®️. Its reduction efficiency against viruses was performed on Influenza A, Norovirus, BirdFlu and Corona (SARS), following the international standard ISO18184:2019.

    about är ffp2 respirator

    ViralOff®️ is manufactured in the EU with minimal use of resources, and its ingredient chemistry follows strict environmental regulations. The treatment holds certification Oeko-tex® Eco Passports proving that each ingredient within meets statutory requirements and is not harmful to human health. Eco Passport values credible proof of sustainable textile production. The treatment is always on, and it does not interfere with the natural bacterial flora of your skin.

    1. Nanomembrane filtration system: small pores, high porosity

    about är ffp2 respirator

    är Respirator uses nanomembrane with multi-layered hypoallergenic composition without adhesives. The efficiency of the membrane was tested by microbiology testing laboratory Nelson Labs. The pores of nanomembrane are thin enough to block contaminants but still highly porous to remain comfortably breathable.

    1. Water-repellent protection against aerosols

    The outer surface of är Respirator is treated with hydrophobic textile treatment, protecting from outside aerosols. Small droplets of water are being released during verbal communication, coughing or sneezing, which can cause the transmission of viruses and any other diseases. Thanks to water-repellent protection, these aerosols won't absorb into the respirator's material. It also makes the respirator suitable to be worn in light rain. This hydrophobic technology is fluorine and PFOA free and has a low impact on the breathability of the respirator. In addition, it helps to remove excessive humidity.


    Values of fashion are important to us. By är Respirator, we want to give some style to professional protective equipment as we believe that even an FFP2 respirator mask can look fashionable.

    Premium sleek textile of black colour with minimalistic print create an exclusive design suitable for any occasion. We aim to develop first-class products with remarkable features. Therefore, each details of our products are highly developed. For example, in the case of är Respirator, there are adjustable earloops on each side and a nose clip in front to achieve perfect sealing.


    Although the self-cleaning treatment is durable and always on, and its antiviral features works 24/7, the lifespan of the nanomembrane filter depends on many different factors. These are, for example, the number of people you have encountered with or even on the humidity. For these reasons, we recommend replacing or disinfect the respirator after 40 hours of active use or after two weeks of gradual use.


    Thank you for reading our article about är Respirator. Our products are not only protective equipment but a stylish accessory as well. For this reason, we believe that it is also important to give you a closer introduction to är. And if you think that our designer FFP2 respirator is just the right one for you, click here to purchase right now.