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1st DESIGNER FFP2 mask
with your company logo


1st DESIGNER FFP2 mask
with your company logo

är Face mask

ViralOff® enhances the hygiene and protection qualities

ViralOff®️ is developed by the Swedish company Polygiene® and improves hygiene and protective qualities.

är Face mask

FFP2 & Nelson Labs certification

är FFP2 masks meets European norm EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 and has FFP2 certification. är FFP2 masks have passed the tests of worldwide recognized testing institutions, such as Nelson Laboratories USA. är FFP2 masks have also passed VFE and BFE tests. är FFP2 masks have innovative nanofiber-based filtrating technology with multi-layer hypoallergenic composition without adhesives.

är Face mask

Light, comfort & design

Mask is made from light and comfortable textile and world-class Nano membrane. We go to great lengths to provide our customers with the cosiest and most breathable respirator available on the market today.

är Face mask

Made in the EU

We give style to the most cutting-edge of technologies. Our masks are designed and produced in state-of-the-art facilities within the EU so you can use a high-quality respirators and feel stylish wearing it.

FFP2 Respirator

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About är Designer FFP2 mask

är Respirator is the first FFP2 mask of its kind enriched with a fashionable design. The premium textile fabric gives är respirator mask an exclusive and stylish look, while the most advanced technologies provide high-quality protection. Nanomembrane filter technology, self-cleaning and hydrophobic treatment create a first-class FFP2 respirator mask with added values.

Our first designer respirator mask has a close-fitting shape and nose clip wire to ensure a perfect fit on the face.